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Sep 1, 2010 5:00pm PDT
wants take over. former dpj secretary, ozawa, is running against kan in the party's leadership election. >> translator: it's hard for me to imagine ozawa sitting on the budget committee as a minister. i just can't. >> translator: kan says he can't imagine me sitting on the committee. but more than 20 years ago i was there, fielding questions as a minister. >> the two candidates traded jabs on wednesday at a joint news conference and outlined their policy ideas. >> translator: in order to rebuild the japanese we need politics ledd by both the people and politicians. >> translator: it's about time to get rid of all types of politics associated with money scandals. >> the democratic party's election victory last year ended more than 50 years of almost unbroken rule by the liberal democratic party. but thdpj suffered a major setback in july's upper house election. its internal power struggle has japanese people talking. >> translator: although i had high expectations of the dpj, i can't trust either kan or ozawa now. kan is powerless and ozawa hasn't been accountable for his money
Aug 31, 2010 7:00pm PDT
campaigning for its presidential election on september 14th. the former secretary-general, ichiro ozawa, and prime minister naoto kan, the current dpj president, are running as candidates. nhk world reporter minako misawa is at the party's headquarters. minako? >> reporter: yes. deputies filed candidacy applications for ozawa and kan on wednesday morning. each candidate had endorsements from more than 20 fellow lawmakers. ozawa and kan will hold a joint news conference later in the day. the democratic party's victory last year ended more than 50 years of virtually unbroken rule by the liberal democratic party. but the dpj suffered a major setback in the upper house election in july. the upcoming leadership vote will be the first poll since that election. both candidates are party leaders who have long worked to put the dpj into power. in this presidential election votes will be counted according to a points system. each party lawmaker has two points for a total of 824 points. rank-and-file members and ordinary voters who have registered beforehand as party supporters account for 300 points.
Sep 13, 2010 7:00pm PDT
former party secretary-general icihro o zau ozawa and naoto kan. >>> they started their campaigns on september 1st. it has been a tough competition. during the campaign, ozawa stressed he has the leadership to implement the needed policies. >> translator: i'll work hard until the last moment. >> reporter: kan said the party had to do away with old-style money politics and become more transparent. >> translator: i'll do my best to convey my ideas at the party convention. >> reporter: all of the ballots will be added up based on a points system. each of the lawmakers has two points, making for a total of 822. 100 points are set asided for local assembly members. rank and file members and supporters account for 300 points. the ballots of local assembly members and supporters have already been received and were being counted on tuesday morning. kan is thought to have more support from local assembly members, party members and supporters. but the race among lawmakers is too close to call. >>> thanks very much. the race for the dpj leadership officially started it at the beginning of this
Sep 2, 2010 7:00pm PDT
party president and former party secretary-general ichiro ozawa kicked off their verbal battle on thursday in a debate at the japan national press club. on the issue of financial resources ozawa said he is worried that politicians failed to exercise leadership in compiling fiscal 2011 budget requests from ministries. >> translator: lawmakers should make budgetary planning decisions, not bureaucrats. >> he stressed that he'll cut wasteful spending to secure funds to implement policies the party promised in the lower house election last year. on the contrary, kan replied that a review of the campaign promises may be necessary under the current difficult fiscal situation. >> translator: it is desirable for the ruling and opposition parties to discuss social security and the tax system as a combined topic. >> he added that this is linked to the issue of increasing finances, which may include a possible consumption tax hike. regarding his political funds scandal, ozawa said he would not ignore it if an independent judicial panel concluded for the second time that he should be indicted.
Sep 3, 2010 7:00pm PDT
by the party's former secretary-general ichiro ozawa. on friday, the third day of official campaigning, ozawa dropped by the offices of each of the party's upper house members. those he visited included naoki tanaka, son-in-law of the late former prime minister kakuei tanaka whose faction ozawa belonged to while he was in the liberal democratic party. meanwhile, carrying out prime ministerial duties, kan met nobuaki koga, head of rengo, the labor federation. kan's campaign decided that lawmakers in his group will return to their constituencies over the weekend to solicit support from the party's local assembly members as well as other registered party members and supporters. the race is heating up following kan and ozawa's public debate on the japan press club on thursday. the election will be held on september 14th with the winner effectively assured of becoming prime minister because the dpj holds a majority in the lower house. >>> japan has decided to impose additional sanctions on iran which has been ignoring demands to halt the nuclear development program. the sanction
Sep 9, 2010 7:00pm PDT
ozawa in the race for the democratic president of the party of japan. the winner will almost be confirmed by the diet as prime minister. in the election to take place on tuesday, votes will be tallied according to a point system with dpj diet members accounting for 822 points out of a total of 1,222. party members belonging to local government bodies have votes worth 100 points and rank and file party members are allocated 300 points. an nhk survey showed diet members are almost equally divided between kan and ozawa with each having about 180 lawmakers in his camp. the remaining lawmakers, about 50 in number, are undecided. more than half of the nearly 2,400 local government party members say they will support kan, while about 700 back ozawa. the remaining 500 are undecided. kan and ozawa will try to win over undecided lawmakers in a policy debate on friday and through other efforts in the time being. >>> a u.s. pastor called off plans to burn copies of the koran on the anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attacks. >> the imam agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to
Sep 1, 2010 7:00pm PDT
kan and challenger ichiro ozawa. supporters from both sides met separately to launch their campaigns, each drawing about 120 lawmakers from the party. both sides are expected to seek out the votes of about 170 other legislators who did not appear at either meeting. competition also begins for the support of rank-and-file party members and supporters who make up a quarter of the voters in the september 14th leadership election. prime minister kan and ozawa, a former party secretary-general, spoke at a joint news conference after registering their candidacy on wednesday. ozawa said that if elected he'll challenge japan's bureaucrats and fulfill the policy pledges made by the democratic party in last year's lower house election. >> kan said he wants to make the party cleaner and more open. >> ozawa has been criticized for what critics see as a dictatorial style. opinion polls show that many think he has failed to fully account for his role in a political funds scandal. >>> the leaders of japan and spain have agreed that japan and the european union should begin negotiations to conclude
Sep 16, 2010 7:00pm PDT
kan asked former party secretary-general ichiro ozawa and the party's upper house leader, azuma koshiishi to serve as his deputies. however, koshiishi told aides that both he and ozawa have declined the offer. now, on friday morning kan accepted the resignations of all current ministers at a cabinet meeting. before he launches his new cabinet this afternoon he will formally appoint new party executives at a meeting of all legislators from the party. the party meeting is expected to start soon. on friday afternoon kan will meet shizuka kamei, the leader of the coalition partner. after that he'll announce the line-up of the new cabinet. >>> eight years ago today north korea acknowledged it had abducted japanese nationals. however, a sense of disappointment lingers among relatives of the abductees. on september 17th, 2002 north korean leader kim jong il held a summit meeting in pyongyang with japan's then prime minister june ciro koizumi. at the meeting the north acknowledged the abductions for the first time. five abductees returned to japan in 2002, but 12 others remain unaccount
Sep 14, 2010 7:00pm PDT
. >> kan was up against powerful politician ichiro ozawa in a race to lead the dpj and the country. the election was decided on a points-based system. slightly more than 1,200 points were available. kan won 721 points, while ozawa took 491. kan claimed the vast majority of points from rank and file members and supporters. he also gained more points than ozawa from local assembly members. but they essentially split the points from dpj lawmakers. with three decades in politics, kan is considered a popular figure who understands the needs of ordinary citizens. the 63-year-old took over as democratic party leader and prime minister at the beginning of june. after hatoyama resigned. his first few months in office have been tough. the dpj suffered a major setback in july's upper house election. then kan had to devote time to this two-week leadership campaign. now that he's staying on as prime minister, kan is expected to push ahead with his economic recovery plans. >>> u.s. assistance secretary of state phillip crowly did not make an official comment on kan's re-election but says the two coun
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9